What Is A Good Hypertension Drug?

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Hello, I am diagnosed with hypertension. The drugs are: valsartan80mg, spironolactone25mg, amlodipine besilate10mg, furosemide40mg, ranitidine 150mg, diovan 150mg, concor10mg every month. Can I take hypertension medication with 1-2 kinds of medication only? And what is the drug? Thank you.

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Hello Ellen, thanks for the question.

First of all, hypertension is a condition in which a person's blood pressure is above normal, which is 130/80 mmHg or more. This condition can last for a long time and without realizing it, because it often occurs without symptoms, and only realized after the following symptoms often appear:

Headache, neck and neck pain. Lack of energy or weakness. Experiencing chest pain, or heart palpitations and not beating regularly (arrhythmia) Hypertension conditions must be monitored closely, because this condition is closely related to our circulatory system and heart. When a person has hypertension, this forces the heart to pump blood faster, and in turn can cause damage to blood vessels and the heart.

Regarding the treatment you get, of course all of this is based on the consideration of the doctor who gave you the medicine. The considerations are usually based on the symptoms you are experiencing, then how long have you had this condition, how are the results of investigations such as:

CT scan X-rays or laboratory x-rays you have, and any complications of this condition on your body. All of this must be controlled regularly and communicated with the Doctor who examines you, because if you ask us about what drugs you should take and can these drugs be reduced, we cannot determine it because we do not do a direct examination.

Keep in mind, that the consumption of hypertension drugs is carried out for life and must be routine, in order to prevent worsening, especially the condition of your circulatory system and your heart. My advice is to reduce foods that contain a lot of salt, too sweet, too fatty and fried. Get plenty of exercise with low or moderate intensity, depending on the results of the examination from the Internal Medicine Specialist who treats you, and consume enough water regularly, about 2-3 liters a day.

If there are conditions such as chest pain such as squeezing and being crushed by heavy loads, cold sweat, shortness of breath, or feeling like drowning, immediately take yourself to the nearest emergency room.

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Hope this helps.

Dr. Otniel Budi Krisetya

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