What Is A Good Morning Step For People Who Have Been Infected?

Illustration of What Is A Good Morning Step For People Who Have Been Infected?
Illustration: What Is A Good Morning Step For People Who Have Been Infected?

Doc my friend after traveling through positive areas covid19 after he went home there were no symptoms of isolation he had done but at day 11 he began to feel shortness of breath, flu, dizziness and fever whether he has contracted? If contracting the app the next step should did he do it to get well? Thanks doc

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 We understand the concerns that you feel
 Pandemic COVID-19 disease by the New Variant corona virus (SARS-COV-2) raises various concerns for the community. Symptoms that look similar to the symptoms of the common cold, in some groups of people can trigger respiratory problems that lead to respiratory failure and death. But for those who have good immunity, the virus will disappear on its own with mild-moderate or no symptoms.

Until now, symptoms that are often complained of in patients with corona virus infection / COVID-19 include:

Fever> 38 ° C
Dry cough or phlegm
Sore throat
Pain in muscles and joints
The body feels achy
Out of breath

Based on the information you provide, judging from your travel history and symptoms felt by your friend, the condition does lead to COVID-19 virus infection. But this needs to be ensured by a series of examinations ranging from screening with rapid tests, chest x-rays to blood laboratories that can show the virus by the PCR method.
 In this case, we recommend that your friend immediately conduct a check up with the health service that is the reference for handling the nearest COVID-19 virus infection. In that place, for people who have previously traveled in the affected area and symptoms similar to the COVID-19 virus infection, health workers will conduct a more specific examination.

Someone who has a history of traveling from an area that has a positive COVID-19 case, applies the classification as suspect or suspect. suspect (person in monitoring) has mild symptoms / no symptoms of shortness of breath with a history of traveling from an area exposed to the corona virus. Whereas suspect (patient in monitoring) is a patient (a person who is already sick) with moderate-severe symptoms with shortness of breath (symptoms of pneumonia) and a history of traveling to a place with a positive case of COVID-19.

Your friend's status can be categorized as suspect. In this case, you should immediately check the nearest health service for COVID-19 referral for further examination to determine whether or not there is a virus infection. suspect must carry out quarantine / independent isolation.

If a positive result is obtained based on a rapid test or blood test, then the health worker / doctor will direct the patient to perform an independent quarantine in the hospital or a special place provided. operational procedures) handling infectious diseases in hospitals.

During the isolation period, patients are given their own special room / room, adhere to physical distancing / keep a distance from others, use masks, maintain personal hygiene and the environment, wash hands with soap or handsanitizer based on alcohol and consume healthy and nutritious food. Health workers will always control periodically.

Do not hesitate or be afraid to do a COVID-19 examination if found experiencing one of the symptoms of the disease and have been in an environment that is quite at risk of contracting the corona virus.

Also note that a viral infection is self limiting disease, which means that it can heal by itself, through a strong immune system. So no need to worry too much about the virus. By doing a clean and healthy lifestyle, can help you to provide immunity against various kinds of germs that cause disease.
 Thus the information we can convey, hopefully helps

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