What Is A Stage 3c Stomach Tumor?

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Afternoon..rnMy sister 2 weeks ago was declared to have a stomach tumor and had to be operated on..rnToday the operation has been carried out and a small lump (the size of a baby’s head) has been removed. Then the treating doctor said that the large lump couldn’t be removed because it had spread to the intestines, while it still had to be in the ICU for a few days. And the tumor was declared stage 3c. What does it mean and what is the best solution?

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Hello Melya

The categorization of the stage/severity of a tumor or cancer is determined based on the results of the medical evaluation carried out, so that finally it can be seen a picture of the size of the tumor, the presence or absence of affected lymph nodes, whether or not the spread has occurred either near or far.

* A tumor is an abnormal growth of tissue, while cancer is a malignant tumor so that it will eventually damage the tissue and can even damage other tissues or organs.

The interpretation of stage 3c depends on what organ is the origin of the tumor, Melya herself did not mention the location of the origin of the tumor, considering that there are many organs in the stomach. Because category 3c tumors in one organ may differ from the criteria for stage 3c tumors in other organs. But in general, tumors / cancers that are included in category 3c are:

There has been cancer There has been spread to more than 10 lymph nodes or there has been spread to other organs or tissues outside of the organ that was initially affected by the tumor/cancer
The best solution for your sister depends on her current condition, whether it's her general health or the condition of the cancer. The doctor who treats your sister is certainly much more understanding because he has carried out various medical assessments of your sister. And the information obtained from the results of the assessment is the basis for doctors in planning and seeking the best treatment for your sister, whether it is surgery/surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy or a combination of several of these actions. So, consult this again with the doctor who treats your sister, because he is certainly much more aware of your sister's condition based on a series of examinations that have been carried out.

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