What Is An IUD Translocation?

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Evening, what is meant by an IUD translocation? Because last I checked with the Obgyn doctor, I checked for transvaginal ultrasound, now the doctor said there was a translocation of the IUD. How can it cause pregnancy? Please enlightenment. Tq

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Translocation of the IUD is a form of displacement of the IUD from its supposed position. The displacement can occur in the uterus itself but its position has changed, or move to the urinary tract, or to the gastrointestinal tract. When the IUD displacement occurs, it is necessary to ensure that the IUD shift is in and the risks that may occur.

The following conditions increase the risk of an IUD displacement or IUD translocation:

1. insertion of an IUD by a medical officer with less supportive skills

2. IUD insertion is done within 6 weeks after delivery

3. history of abortion or high incidence of abortion


4. installation during breastfeeding

5. no control after IUD insertion

Possible complications due to IUD shift are:

1. infection

2. bleeding

3. IUD function is ineffective

4. Abdominal pain

For that, it is necessary that you discuss directly with your obstetrician regarding this iud translocation, and how your doctor plans regarding this IUD translocation. If needed, an IUD that has been installed and has undergone a change of location, can be taken out.

In the meantime, use condom birth control to help prevent pregnancy.

That is the information we can convey, also read IUD translocation.

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