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Is there a link between back pain and us having sex outside?nWhat are the symptoms or characteristics of getting sick with HIV?

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Hi Arnold,

Actually, it is necessary to clarify what sexual intercourse you mean outside, whether it is intercourse outside of marriage, sperm is released outside the vagina or so on. Back pain can be caused by:

Muscle tension in the back and waist Neurological disorders, such as hernia nucleus pulposus (HNP) Disorders of the pelvis and spine Internal organ disorders, such as kidney stones, kidney infections, ureteral stones, intestinal disorders, tumors, and so on

Since the cause is widespread, it is necessary to be examined directly to determine the cause. In addition to questions and answers and a physical examination, other tests may also be needed, such as blood tests, x-rays, CT scans or MRIs.

HIV is divided into several stages. When a new virus enters the body, a flu-like syndrome can occur with symptoms of weakness, fatigue, fever, enlarged lymph nodes, body aches, and so on. But in this early phase some people do not show any symptoms. After that, the virus will enter the body and grow. Viruses that have just entered the body can usually only be detected after at least a month. The phase from which the virus enters until it can be detected is called the window period.

After the initial phase, it will enter the second phase or called the latent phase. In this phase, the symptoms disappear. But in the body this virus continues to replicate and weaken the immune system. This phase can last for years.

If the immune system is very bad, because the HIV virus is not treated, it will enter an advanced phase where the body cannot fight infection. Even mild infections can be very severe in people with advanced HIV. For example, prolonged diarrhea, prolonged fever, enlarged lymph nodes, opportunistic infections, continuous fatigue and other symptoms.

If you feel you have done a risky act such as having unprotected sex, sharing needles, or other actions you should get an HIV test at least one month after the action. After that you should repeat 3 months later to confirm. You can do an HIV test in hospitals, large health centers or private laboratories that have HIV testing facilities.


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