What Is Meant By Histamine?

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good night, what is actually histamine? and why can histamine appear in our bodies?

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Histamine is a chemical compound of the body that functions for the immune system, especially in the process of allergic reactions. Histamine is released by the body's immune system, namely basophils and mast cells. When there is exposure from the surrounding environment, such as allergens that cause allergies (dust, powder, smoke, insect bites, temperature, etc.) or pathogens that cause infection, these cells will specifically respond by releasing histamine. This event triggers an allergic response whose clinical appearance will vary from person to person.

In addition to its function as part of the immune system in allergic reactions, these chemical compounds are also beneficial in maintaining physiological gastric for the production of stomach acid. Gastric acid is important for protecting the body from germs that are carried by food before being processed and absorbed by the intestines in the digestive tract.

Although histamine has quite good benefits for the body, if its production is excessive it will cause health problems, both of which can be treated by giving certain therapies or to become life-threatening conditions. Therefore, the production of histamine must be balanced and not excessive. If too much will cause interference. If it has caused interference, antihistamine drugs in helping to reduce histamine levels so that symptoms will subside.
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