What Is Meant By Liver Grade 1?

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I want to take a bath. What is meant by liver grade 1 ?? And what are the signs of grade 1 liver ??

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Maybe what you mean is a liver grade / stage 1 disorder. The liver is the second largest organ in the body. The liver plays an important role especially in filtering out substances in the blood that are harmful to the body, for example alcohol. Liver disorders or liver damage is the liver that causes the liver can not function properly. People who have liver problems must be treated properly. In stage 1 liver disorders or early stages, inflammation of the liver begins to occur. The liver will enlarge and may feel painful. The patient may not feel any symptoms. Often patients only experience symptoms after the end stage. If in stage 1 the patient gets good and optimal treatment, inflammation of the liver can still be overcome. However, if left unchecked, inflammation will continue and can cause permanent irritation to the liver. If the liver disorder is severe, the patient may experience symptoms such as bleeding easily or bruising, swelling in the legs or stomach (belly bulging and feeling bloated), skin and eyes appear yellow, itchy skin, and decreased consciousness or mental function due to toxins accumulating in the brain . Therefore, if the doctor states that you or a person closest to you is suffering from a liver disorder, seek treatment from a specialist in internal medicine, especially the gastroenterohepatology subspecialist, without waiting for symptoms to appear. If various symptoms have appeared, this may indicate that the liver disorders experienced are quite severe. To prevent interference with the liver, avoid excessive use of drugs without the advice of a doctor (including herbal medicines), as much as possible not to consume alcohol, avoid sharing needles or having sexual relations with other than unprotected partners (condoms), complete the hepatitis B vaccine , and keep your ideal body weight.

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