What Is Meant By Polyarthralgia?

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What kind of disease is ployarthalgia? r nIs it an autoimmune? r nCan it be cured? r n so that the disease does not come back? r nThank you

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Hello Aura

Polyarthralgia (PA) is a joint pain that affects 5 or more joints. PA itself occurs due to torn cartilage tissue, resulting in complaints of pain and stiffness in these joints. One of the factors that influence the occurrence of this tear is obesity, trauma / injury, and a daily lifestyle that rarely does sports. Then there is also the PA condition that occurs due to an autoimmune disease called rheumatoid arthritis (RA), because RA is an auto immune disease, this disease cannot be completely cured, while medication and medical measures are useful to reduce complaints that arise. Then some other medical conditions that can also cause PA are osteoarthritis, hypothyroidism, or pinched nerves.

So PA is not always caused by an auto immune process, because PA conditions can also occur due to things other than RA conditions. The recommended food and drinks should be nutritionally balanced foods, then Aura is also expected to reduce the consumption of oily foods, instant foods, sweet foods and drinks. The recommended types of exercise are gymnastics, jogging and cycling.

Prevention of recurrence of PA depends on what causes it, for example if it is caused by obesity, then losing weight will be able to reduce complaints and prevent recurrence of these complaints. For this reason, check with your doctor so that it can be studied further to be able to find out the root cause of the emergence of PA experienced by Aura. That way the doctor can provide treatment or treatment in accordance with the root source of the problem.

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