What Is Meant By The Conclusions Of Lymphadenitis Chronica Granulamatosa Tuberculosis?

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hello doctor, I would like to ask what is the meaning of the conclusion of LYMPHADENITIS CHRONICA GRANULAMATOSA TUBERCULOSA. r nand what is pulmonary tuberculosis, because previously I had a lung X-ray and was fine, then did not cough, cough, fever etc. the explanation, thank you

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Hello, good morning Deli.

Lymphadenitis Chronica Granulomatosa Tuberculosis means chronic (long) inflammation of the lymph nodes consisting of granulomatous tissues due to tuberculosis (or tuberculosis), or briefly referred to as glandular tuberculosis. This is different from pulmonary TB, but the cause is the same, namely due to infection with the bacteria Mycobacterium tuberculosa (MTB bacteria). MTB bacteria can attack any organ in the body causing TB disease in different organs, such as pulmonary TB, glandular TB, bone TB, lining TB, and stomach / intestinal TB.

Glandular tuberculosis itself can occur due to infection that initially originates from the lungs, or purely only from glands. Therefore, usually in people who are suspected of having glandular TB, he will still be advised to undergo a lung X-ray to see whether the glandular TB experienced by him comes from pulmonary TB infection or not. So, it could be that someone has glandular TB without being preceded by pulmonary TB. For the symptoms of glandular TB itself, it is generally a lump in the body (can be in the neck, breasts, etc.), which can be accompanied by other symptoms such as a prolonged fever, decreased weight gain, decreased appetite, etc. Complementary symptoms, such as fever and others, may not be found and not having these symptoms does not necessarily rule out a diagnosis of glandular TB. The diagnosis of glandular TB is based on a combination of the patient's complaints, the results of the physical examination (examination of the lumps), and also the results of additional examinations (such as chest X-rays, biopsy preparations taken from the lump, etc.).

We suggest that you consult the results of your examination with the doctor / pulmonary specialist who treats you for a diagnosis conclusion, because after all the right to conclude your diagnosis is a doctor who examines you in person, it is not enough just based on an online consultation like this huh .. you also need to pay attention to is if you have been diagnosed with TB infection, then you must comply with the treatment. Negligence in TB treatment can have the effect of prolonging treatment and healing time, and the most dangerous is the occurrence of resistance / immunity to TB drugs, thus complicating healing. Treatment of glandular TB requires 6-9 months, or even 1 year, periodic evaluations are needed to monitor the success of therapy, which is also useful for knowing the length of treatment that will be undertaken.

I hope this helps.

Greetings, dr. Denisa

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