What Is Mood Swings? Is It Bipolar?

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Afternoon, I’m a 17-year-old woman. In my daily life I often feel there is a phase where I am very excited, over confident, increased heart rate, can’t stay quiet, overly happy. But there is also a phase where I feel very sad, not in the mood to do anything, justify and hate myself, blame the situation, for days but gasampe one week, even for some time until I thought about wanting to run away really, it feels like I don’t care about anyone Again, there is a feeling of hatred that has accumulated towards others as well as oneself, so sometimes I feel like I want to end my life but I still don’t dare. In addition, I also feel misunderstood by anyone in my environment, so I cannot socialize with them, often closing myself up to be called a strange person. Actually is there anything abnormal? Or are there certain mental illnesses?

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Hello Olivart, Thank you for the question.

Mood changes are a normal condition that anyone can experience. Someone can experience pleasure, feel optimistic, excited and then turn into feeling anxious, sad, afraid, pessimistic. Hormonal changes as a teenager can cause these mood swings. However, if these changes occur significantly, often occur, and interfere with daily activities including relationships with other people, then it is possible that this condition needs to be watched further because it might be caused by certain mental health disorders. Some mental health disorders that can cause similar symptoms are:

 bipolar disorder depression anxiety anxiety disorder threshold personality If these symptoms occur frequently, interfere with daily activities, and even have a desire to end life, you should immediately consult a psychologist or psychiatrist. The doctor needs to do further questions and answers so that you better understand your condition before determining further treatment can be in the form of psychological therapy or medication. It would be nice if you did not delay this consultation, yes.

Some treatments you can take while waiting for a consultation are:

 implementing a healthy life by consuming nutritious food regularly, adequate consumption of water, exercising regularly, resting adequately for 7-9 hours every day, avoiding smoking habits and consuming alcoholic drinks manage stress well trying to tell people closest to you about what is You feel like trying to occupy yourself with activities that bring a positive mood like doing your hobby trying to follow meditation or yoga.

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