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Hello doctor. I Aqilah is 18 years old. Before I kneeled the ENT wad as the lymph gland was swollen and pus in the neck and left ear. But now the pus has started to shrink. I have also spent antibiotics. But now I often feel cool and feel loya. Sometimes I will vomit. I also have a cold and cough. I have no fever. My ears and head sometimes feel sore and throbbing. My body also often feels tired and sore. I can also feel that there is a new lump of peanut butter on the top of my shoulder. Dh close to a week I feel like this. NMay I know how I feel like this? Is it caused by swollen lymph glands or other disease?

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Hello Nur Aqilah.

Thank you for the question.

All enlarged lymph glands are referred to as enlarged lymph glands. The glands in our body play an important role, namely as a resistance to infection. Places that we often find enlarged glands include:

neck under the chin armpit in the groin of the thigh There are many causes of enlarged glands, including:

throat infection, measles infection ear gum infection and teeth infection skin infection HIV infected sexually transmitted diseases tuberculosis leukemia lymph node cancer Examination of enlarged glands requires examinations including medical interview, physical examination, additional examinations such as:

chest x-rays blood Ultrasound CT-Scan Immediately see a doctor to check for an enlarged gland that you experience if:

the enlargement is not accompanied by a history of being sick and continues to get bigger in 2 to 4 weeks, feels hard and the pain does not move or sticks to the surrounding tissue accompanied by fever accompanied by night sweats accompanied by weight loss for no apparent reason It is better to consult an Internal Medicine Specialist, remembering enlarged glands Lymph occurs repeatedly and changes places.

The advice I can give:

adequate rest, eat healthy and nutritious food, do not smoke and drink alcoholic beverages, do not have risky sexual intercourse if the enlarged glands are very painful, then you can take paracetamol. Hopefully my explanation can answer the question.


dr. Kresnawati Wahyu Setiono

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