What Is Psychosomatic?

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My cousin has a psychosomatic disease, what is it really? Usually what are the initial symptoms?

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Psychosomatic disorders are disorders / diseases of the body (soma) caused by the mind (psyche). In this condition, mind disturbances cause or affect the body, causing illness or even getting worse. Symptoms that arise in psychosomatic disorders can be incompatible with the illness and generally the disease cannot be detected through physical examination and support so it can be difficult to recognize.

Due to the difficulty of establishing a psychosomatic diagnosis, it is best for your relatives to check with a mental health specialist (Sp.KJ / psychiatrist) to get a comprehensive treatment so that the condition is resolved. The doctor will first conduct in-depth psychiatric interviews, conduct physical examinations and supporting examinations to detect organic disorders.

If no organic abnormalities are found, the doctor can diagnose the complaint as a psychosomatic disorder. As for the treatment given by doctors in this condition is by psychotherapy or the help of drugs such as antidepressant drugs and other drugs to overcome complaints that arise.

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