What Is The Cure For Allergies?

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In the past 1 month I have had a skin allergy, it really disturbs my activities. Starting from waking up in the morning until going to bed, there are definitely bumps and itching very much, almost the whole body gets bumps and itching. Had taken incidal and cetirizine drugs, and they disappeared for a few days, but the allergies returned when the drug had finished. My question is, what medicine is recommended to ELIMINATE this allergy, or what injection should be given? Please enlighten me, if there is a medicine to REMOVE allergies, not relieve allergies. Thanks HealthReplies.com.

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Skin allergy is an immunological reaction when the body is exposed to foreign substances called allergens. This allergy can be triggered by several causes such as food, weather, medicine, dust, cosmetics, plants, animals, etc. This risk is greater if there is a family history of allergies, or you have a skin condition called eczema. Symptoms that generally occur are reddening of the skin, a rash, bumps, itching and swelling of the skin. Things that must be watched out for in the event of an anaphylactic reaction.

Things you can do at home such as;

- Find out the causes of allergies and as much as possible to avoid them

- Using lotion or calamine powder to reduce the itching that arises

- Taking antihistamine drugs to reduce symptoms

- Wear clothes that are loose and soft

- Take a cold shower

- Avoid scratching the itchy area because it will damage the skin structure and lead to infection

Allergies cannot be completely eliminated, what can be done is to prevent or avoid allergens. If the symptoms worsen or appear more frequently, you should see a doctor for a complete examination including blood tests and allergy tests to determine the exact cause of the allergen. To make allergies no longer recur is to avoid the triggers, or the doctor will recommend doing desentization therapy. Desentization therapy aims to reduce the patient's allergic reaction if he is exposed to the next allergen. This test is also called allergy immunotherapy or allergy injection therapy. You must first consult your doctor because there will be several tests that will be done before this therapy is given.

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