What Is The Cure For Blurry Eyes Due To Alcohol?

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Afternoon doctor. nI asked, my eyes are blurry due to alcohol. It’s been around 45 days. nAnd already, H.D, I’m currently using eye drops from the doctor and it has changed quite a bit, even though it’s still a foggy blur. nCan I see normal again. nAnd what can be helped with glasses. Thank you

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Hello Jaya Kusuma Wijaya, thank you for your question

Consumption of alcoholic drinks, especially if excessive and for a long time, can have a negative impact on organs such as the liver, stomach and eyes. In the eyes, excessive alcohol consumption can lead to the following conditions:

accelerating the formation of cataracts accelerates the occurrence of age-related macular degeneration (AMD) or macular degeneration due to aging due to decreased visual acuity due to vitamin deficiency (vitamin deficiency). Vitamin B1 deficiency causes weakening of the muscles around the eyeball, while vitamin A deficiency causes the corneal cells to work and leads to blindness due to decreased retinal function. The complaints of blurry vision or cloudy eyes that you experience are generally caused by cataracts. but it can also be caused by other eye conditions depending on the results of the doctor's examination. If you find that you have cataracts, then the best treatment to treat cloudy vision is to perform surgery, so it can be concluded that using eye drops alone is not enough to normalize your eyes again.

But it would be better if you consult again with the eye doctor who treats you. Because the ophthalmologist better understands the condition or disorder experienced by you.

so, hopefully useful

dr. Barrel

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