What Is The Cure For This Fever I Have?

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Hello nGood afternoon, I am fitria 18 yrs old. So like this, I have almost 4 days of hot and cold so if the morning is hot rather late in the afternoon it’s already cold until the third day like that. I want to check, but it’s not hot again, the mother said, maybe it’s already healed. NTrs I feel that some of my toenails are skinny and my lips, which are usually moist, are now dry. I saw “on the internet that’s a sign” of leukemia. Is it really like that? nThank you nWassalamualaikum

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Hi Fitriafitlan,

Thank you for asking HealthReplies.com.

Chills usually occur when a person has a fever. This fever often occurs in connection with an infection, either due to viruses or bacteria. It could also be, fever occurs when you are too active in a hot environment, are tired, experience hormonal changes (for example when approaching menstruation or fertility), or are also taking certain drugs. To be more objective, ideally you need to first check your exact body temperature, using a thermometer. Hot and cold to watch out for is when accompanied by an increase in body temperature of more than 37.5 degrees Celsius.

Infections that cause fever are more prone to occur in people with certain conditions, including leukemia (blood cancer). Leukemia occurs when the spinal cord produces too many white blood cells. These white blood cells are important in their function to prevent and ward off infection. However, in people with leukemia, the white blood cells that are produced are not able to function properly, so that sufferers will tend to experience infections more easily, and fever that often recurs. In addition, fever in leukemia sufferers can also be caused by hypermetabolic conditions in the body due to increased activity in the spinal cord. Not only fever and easy infection, leukemia sufferers will also experience a variety of other complaints, such as weakness, fatigue, drastic weight loss for no apparent reason, swollen lymph nodes, swelling of the liver, swelling of the spleen, easy bruising, repeated bleeding, excessive sweating , bone pain, and so on. Do you also experience complaints like this? If not, it is likely that your condition is caused by factors other than leukemia.

As for your other complaints, namely curved nails and dry lips can indeed occur in people with leukemia. However, this complaint could also occur due to other causes, for example:

Causes of sunken nails: nail biting, iron deficiency, fungal infection of the nails, lupus Causes of dry lips: frequent biting, peeling or licking of lips, lack of drinking, low environmental humidity, irritation due to use of cosmetics, genetics (heredity) , lack of vitamin C, etc. It is better if you do not make a diagnosis of your complaint based on internet surfing alone. Get yourself checked by an expert, namely a doctor, so that a comprehensive evaluation can be done. If the fever has lasted more than 3 days, your doctor will likely recommend that you undergo a blood test to determine the best treatment.

Our suggestions in the meantime:

Drink more. Eat regularly, multiply foods rich in iron, vitamin C, and other sources of nutrition. Wear comfortable clothes and absorb sweat. Regular breaks. Avoid smoking, alcohol and excessive caffeine. Don't stress too much. Exercise regularly Avoid taking drugs carelessly Hope it helps yes..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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