What Is The Danger If The 2nd TT Immunization Is Not Performed?

In the evening I tried to get Dr. Cikarang, I wanted to ask, I want to get married on 20-4-2019 and I have already done the first immunization on 4-3-2019 for the next immunization on 4-4-2019, I doubt the time. not married 2x immunization, is the second TT immunization done after my marriage date 20-4-2019 can still be in the same month What are the dangers if the second tt immunization is not done? Please clarify the doc. Thanks

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Hello, thank you for the question to HealthReplies.com

First I want to confirm first, what is the reason you feel afraid of being immunized twice before marriage?

Basically, the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends TT immunization for pregnant women to prevent tetanus infection in pregnant women and their babies during childbirth. In Indonesia, TT immunization is still a condition for premarital immunization, and this is fine. The purpose of this premarital TT immunization is the same as the goal of immunization recommended by WHO. There is no specific danger for TT immunization before marriage or during pregnancy, the most important thing is that the woman must get protection against tetanus infection.

The following is a TT immunization schedule based on recommendations from WHO:

Following is the schedule for TT vaccination based on WHO recommendations:

First TT: The first time a pregnant woman comes for a check-up
Second TT: at least 4 weeks after the first injection
Third TT: at least 6 months after the second injection, or during the next pregnancy
Fourth TT: at least 1 year after the third injection, or during the next pregnancy
Fifth TT: at least 1 year after the fourth injection, or during the next pregnancy

As noted earlier, giving the first and second TT injections may be done before you get married. The distance between the first and second TT is at least 4 weeks. If for one reason or another you want to do a second TT injection after you are married, that is fine.

TT injections need to be repeated to ensure long-term protection for the woman. The first injection will only provide temporary protection, the second injection can provide protection for 1-3 years, the third injection can provide protection for up to 5 years, the fourth injection can provide protection for up to 10 years, the fifth injection can provide protection until the woman has passed her reproductive age. It is better to follow your doctor's advice regarding TT immunization that you have to undergo, if there are certain problems or concerns, you can also express it directly to the doctor who treats you.

So much information from me, hopefully enough answer

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