What Is The Danger Of Falling Teeth?

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want to ask my friend who fell in the swimming pool and his teeth fell out and caused his gums to tear what to do? thank you

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Injuries from a hard impact around the teeth can cause the teeth to fall out or break. These injuries can also be severe enough to cause the gums to tear. This condition can make sufferers feel pain, ranging from mild to severe intensity, as well as a lot of bleeding. Not only that, if the hygiene of your oral cavity is not properly maintained after an injury, it could be that the torn gums become a way for harmful microorganisms to enter the area around the oral cavity or even to other parts of the body.

Coping with loose teeth and torn gums after injury should be done by going to the dentist directly. That way, it can be evaluated what kind of best treatment needs to be done. A thorough dental examination or assisted by panoramic x-rays can be done by doctors to assess your general health condition. A large tear gum may be treated by a doctor with sutures. Furthermore, the doctor can also give you several types of drugs to reduce pain, reduce bleeding, and minimize the risk of infection.

Depending on the type of tooth that has fallen out, whether it is a baby tooth or a permanent tooth, your partner may or may not experience new teething to replace the lost tooth. Need to clarify first, how old is your colleague now? Which one did the tooth fall off?

If the tooth that is lost is a permanent tooth and it is impossible to grow back, then after the inflammation in the oral cavity area subsides, the new doctor will carry out definitive treatment, including for example if it is necessary to place dental implants (dentures) to fill the widening tooth gap so as not to change. gum and jaw structure.

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