What Is The Difference Between Urinary Tract Infections And Gonorrhea?

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permission to ask, what is the difference between UTI and gonorrhea, considering that both are symptoms that are often sick in the genitals, which disease is the most dangerous isk or gonorrhea? Thank you

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UTI (urinary tract infection) can happen to anyone, no exception male or female. This infection is more prone to occur in people who are sexually active, especially having risky sexual relations. Not only that, poor intimate organ hygiene, weak immune system, pregnant women, children, elderly people, and people who undergo certain medical procedures (such as the installation of urine catheters) are also more at risk of UTI. Clinically, UTI is often characterized by pain during urination (BAK), small but frequent urination, stinging urine, cloudy color, or containing blood, muscle and joint pain, fever, chills, decreased appetite, and various other complaints.

Various microorganisms can cause UTI. One of the most common is Neisseria gonorrhoeae (the bacteria that causes gonorrhea). So, it is not right to compare which is more severe between UTI and gonorrhea, because gonorrhea is one of the causes of UTI. In addition to gonorrhea, UTIs can also be caused by other microorganisms, for example E. coli, Herpes simplex, Chlamydia, Mycoplasma, and so on. In addition to infecting the urinary tract, gonorrhea can also attack other organs, such as the anus, throat, and conjunctiva and cause a variety of complaints.

UTIs, including those caused by gonorrhea, can be a mild condition, but can also be dangerous. Dangerous conditions generally occur if the infection rises to the upper urinary tract, such as the bladder or kidney. From here, the infection can also spread into the blood or other distant organs. If this condition has occurred, treatment can no longer be delayed because the consequences can be fatal.

If you experience symptoms that lead to UTI and gonorrhea, we recommend that you consult yourself directly to a doctor, a specialist in internal medicine, or a specialist in skin and genitalia to get further treatment. Laboratory tests, X-rays, ultrasound, etc. can be doctors do to make the diagnosis. If gonorrhea is really the cause, your doctor can give you treatment in the form of antibiotics or other treatments tailored to the symptoms of the disease that appears.

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