What Is The Impact Of Tying The Head While Dizzy?

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I want to ask, I often have headaches and dizziness, every time I have headaches and dizziness, I always tie my head with a strong cloth, with a long time, if I tie my head, dizzy and my head is reduced, now what I want to ask, is binding my head rather dangerous to the head or other health, and if I tie my head, the blood flow or blood vessels in my head become narrow or not run smoothly? please explain

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Headaches that you feel can be caused by various types of causes, a condition that is often encountered is tension in the head and neck muscles, thus triggering complaints of pain or headaches. This condition can be accompanied by complaints of pain in the area around your head, temple, or neck area. And sometimes it can be accompanied by other complaints, such as nausea or stomach upset, cold sweat, or the body feels weak. Complaints of pain due to tense muscles often improve over time, especially if the trigger for tension in the head muscles is controlled, such as controlling by relaxing, massaging or by tying your head with a cloth so that it gives compression or binds your head with the help of giving cold or warm temperatures to head ties.
So by putting pressure on the area of ​​the head that hurts, the tense muscles will be more comfortable and complaints will be reduced. This will be more beneficial by attaching to the head and giving exposure to cold temperatures around your painful head, so that complaints of discomfort will decrease and improve over time.
In general, binding your head does not cause risky side effects, although some blood flow on the side of the head will decrease, but this will recover after the head bond flow is released. And you should simply tie your head for a few minutes, which is around 2-5 minutes to give the effect of reducing the tension in your head.
However, it is important to know the cause or trigger of your headache, so that this complaint does not recur and the underlying triggers can be controlled properly, such as:
1. high blood pressure
2. stress or anxiety
3. depression
4. lack of sleep
5. suffer from pain, such as fever, sharp vision problems, or diabetes
To ascertain the cause of this complaint, and prevent the recurrence of this complaint, you should consult directly with your family doctor or your neurologist. The doctor will conduct a direct examination and plan the necessary investigations needed, such as blood tests or radiological examinations if needed. The results of the examination will be a reference for doctors for treatment and care.
Therefore, if by tying your head for a while it will help reduce headache complaints, you can continue for a short time. Thus, complaints will improve and the doctor's diagnosis will help prevent headaches that you feel are experiencing a recurrence.
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