What Is The Likelihood Of Contracting Pulmonary TB For People Who Sleep In The Same Room With TB Sufferers?

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Illustration: What Is The Likelihood Of Contracting Pulmonary TB For People Who Sleep In The Same Room With TB Sufferers? images.agoramedia.com

coincidentally this month showed symptoms of pulmonary tuberculosis, and yesterday it was true according to the doctor at the hospital the mother was exposed to pulmonary tuberculosis. What I want to ask, is how vulnerable is my chances of getting a TB lung too? because my mother and sister are always in the room almost 24 hours in the room with mom. My sister is 14 and 21 years old. I rarely wear masks too. And if you close the cough, like using a blanket (not coughing up blood, just an ordinary cough), and the blanket is not washed, can there be transmission from the blanket as well? Please tell us how likely it is to be infected if you have such a lifestyle? Thanks.

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Pulmonary TB is caused by a bacterial infection called Mycobacterium tuberculosis. These microorganisms can enter the lungs due to inhalation through the respiratory tract, usually from the saliva splashes of other TB sufferers who come in close contact with the sufferer, for example when coughing, spitting, or also sneezing. Not only infects the lungs, these microorganisms can also attack other organs, and cause different symptoms.

Close contact, especially in one room for a long time and often sharing blankets and sleeping mats, obviously can greatly increase the risk of your younger siblings getting infected with TB from your mother. Of course, not everyone who is infected with Mycobacterium tuberculosis will become TB sick. However, the potential for your younger sibling to become ill due to TB transmission can increase if:

Your mother has never received treatment for her TB, or has only received treatment for less than 2 months. Neither your mother nor your siblings use adequate protection, for example masks. The room where your mother and sisters live does not have good lighting and circulation. Your younger siblings have relatively weak immune systems, for example due to their young age, poor nutritional intake, suffering from HIV, and so on. You should take your younger siblings to see a doctor or a specialist in internal medicine. Although it has not yet caused any specific symptoms, it is possible that your siblings also have TB, not always pulmonary TB, but it can also be TB in other organs. With early detection, of course treatment can be done earlier, the potential for healing will be greater, and the risk of transmission to other people who come in contact with it can be minimized. Invite your mother and you to consult a doctor to be given good education relating to the healing efforts and also the prevention of transmission of illness.

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