What Is The Meaning Of X-rays?

THORAX AP / PLAT Photographs are quite inspiring Right and left thoracic cavities do not appear narrowed Visualized soft tissue looks normal Normal visualized skeletal-normal bronchovascular laps and lapsed-in-the-right bronzes. and middle right lung IMPRESSION-active pulmonary TB-does not appear cardiomegalyWhat is the meaning of the lab results it all.Thank you before

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Hello Gun's, thank you for the question on HealthReplies.com.

I help you interpret the x-rays in broad outline.

Based on the initial sentences written, in general the condition of the chest room, ribs, and also your throat is normal or there is no abnormality. Your heart is not found with an enlargement (normal size). In your right side of the lungs there is found a white spot on upper and middle part of the lungs From the various images found on your x-ray photos that have been read by a specialist in radiology, it can be concluded that the spots on your right lung are caused by infection with TB bacteria in the lungs, and infections for now it is active (currently suffering from pulmonary TB) Due to the impression from your x-ray results that you have pulmonary TB, you should bring this result and check yourself further to the doctor who recommends you take photos X-rays, because this TB infection can be treated and cured, but the treatment must be routine and in quite a long period of time.

Although it can be treated, please be aware that this disease is very contagious, therefore, you should start wearing a mask at any time especially when you cough so as not to transmit the disease to others. Also encourage people who live with you or who have frequent direct contact with you to check with your doctor to find out whether they are infected or not.

I hope this helps.

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