What Is The Medical Explanation About Dental Treatment Using Eggplant Seed Smoke?

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, some people around my residence treat cavities by treating it. The source of the smoke comes from the dried (thorn) eggplant seeds which are burned on the glazed tile, then doused with cooking oil. The glazed tile was placed on a mat placed on a plate filled with water. The composition of the glazed tile, eggplant seeds, and cooking oil is then covered using half a coconut shell with a small round bamboo functioning as a straw. Smoke that comes out of the bamboo and then put into the mouth while occasionally inhaled. After the process, white “something” appears, a diameter of about 0.5-1 mm with a length of about 3-10 mm. Initially I did not believe in the treatment of this method, because the bacteria are micro-sized. But then I discovered a number of unique things, namely: 1. Not everyone who uses this method can successfully issue the “” something “. At the same person but at different times, can produce “something ” it in different amounts (even zero or up to tens) 3. “Something ” that sometimes can get out of people who are not in pain when doing the method ini4. People who succeed in removing the “something” that, feel that the frequency of toothache becomes reduced even some to never have toothache at all. The level of heat the glazed tile affects the amount of smoke produced, and greatly influences the amount of “something ” emitted.6. Some of the “things ” branched out at the edges. I didn’t find any references that could explain this. How does the medical world explain this? thanks.

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Toothache there are many possible causes, for example caries (cavities), impacted teeth (teeth that grow improperly, can tilt, push the structure of other teeth, or buried under the structure of the gums and jaws), dental abscesses (tooth infections that form sacs filled pus), gingivitis (inflammation of the gums), sensitive teeth, or also other causes that are not always related to tooth and oral cavity disorders, for example due to disorders of the jaw joints, sinusitis, migraine, and so on. Because the causes can be very varied, of course the handling of toothache can also vary. In the medical realm, treatment for toothache can be done by administering drugs, dental filling or extraction, root canal treatment, or also other therapeutic modalities tailored to the cause of toothache.

As for smoke therapy related to the treatment of pain as you mentioned, as far as there is still very little medical evidence that justifies it. The use of thorn eggplant (Solanum carolinense) itself so far has been more widely studied in the fields of sexology, reproduction, and genetics. However, if judging from the hot smoke that is used, then this could possibly ease the pain, as warm compresses or other heat that can divert the sensation of pain in nerve fibers. So, the function of pain relief here is not limited to the type of plant used. However, putting hot smoke into the oral cavity is very risky to cause mouth irritation and also burns. Not only that, the smoke that enters this mouth can also make you cough, cough, and appear various other dangerous complaints.

Therefore, if you experience a toothache, before trying therapies that have not been clinically proven to have benefits and side effects, you better check your complaint directly to the experts, namely the dentist at the nearest health facility. With experience and competence, of course, doctors better understand the type of treatment that best suits your condition.

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