What Is The Medicine For Getting Rid Of Purulent Wounds?

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, I want to ask this, I had a wound initially it itchy hot, then the next day it turned out to be a yellow lump, I squeezed it if there was pus then I let it hurt, huh? how come this has grown to about 2cm so why is that? n There is no history of diabetes, and this is the first time this has happened. The location of the wound on the calf of the leg has been 1 week until now it hasn’t healed. But it’s already a bit dry. NAnd the knee is also happening. NWhat effect factor is this? NAnd how to treat it? NThank you

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Hello Febri,

The pus-filled yellow lumps may be due to acne, folliculitis (infection of the hair follicles), furuncles (boils) or carbuncles (clusters of boils). Another possibility is an atheroma cyst, which is a lump due to blockage of the oil glands in the skin. Some of these lumps can heal on their own, some require antibiotics or surgical procedures to drain the pus. However, breaking the lumps alone is not warranted as it can lead to secondary infection.

Pus is formed from a collection of dead white blood cells in response to the body's fight against infection. Apart from dead white blood cells, pus also contains dead skin cells, dead microorganisms and the secretions they produce. If the skin is injured, it can become a place for germs to breed, therefore the wound must be kept so that the wound is clean.

An infected wound can cause the wound to fester. Risk factors for purulent wounds include:

Dirty wounds, such as wounds from falling, being punctured by dirty objects, etc.
Large, deep wound
Inadequate treatment
Decreased body resistance, for example HIV, diabetes or other chronic diseases
Lack of certain nutrients

At present, the possibility is that there is a secondary infection due to the lump that is broken down in a less sterile manner. Because the wound is getting bigger, you should immediately see a doctor so that the doctor can see the wound. The doctor will likely perform cleaning if necessary and then give antibiotics either ointment, oral medication or both to relieve the infection that occurs.

In order not to do something similar, you should:

Avoid squeezing, peeling, breaking bumps, or handling the wound too much because the hands have a lot of germs
If injured, clean with a sterile gauze moistened with antiseptic solution or 0.9% NaCl
If the wound needs to be closed, change the bandage periodically
Practice a clean and healthy lifestyle
Eat a healthy, balanced diet, get enough rest and control stress

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