What Is The Medicine For Vaginal Pain, Heat And Burning When Urinating?

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sorry I want to ask my name Kartika I’m a 19 year old woman I want to ask about the problem with my vagina like this in my vaginal area, to be precise, in the area near the anus, how come there is a tear, yes, the point is near the lower lip of the vagina near the anus the tear is painful , heat, pain, it hurts when I urinate especially when I sit down the pain is more painful I also have a fever at night, headaches, buttocks down the left side hurts so what exactly hurts me. accept kad8h

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From the information you convey, the complaint you convey may be a skin irritation that has lasted for a long time, causing a wound that looks like a torn wound. However, this condition needs to be confirmed directly by your obstetrician.

Some of the causes of irritation in your vaginal area can be caused by skin infections, irritation of using pads (usually changing brands of pads), inflammation of the skin due to urine or due to vaginal discharge.

A direct examination by a gynecologist will help determine the cause of your complaint. Thus, the doctor can provide the necessary care.

For now, you can give an antiseptic medication to the irritated area, and use the sanitary napkin you normally use.

That is the information we can convey, read also the discussion.


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