What Is The Nasal Polyp Drug For A 9-year-old Child?

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night, I want to ask a spray / nasal drops for children aged 9 years what is it? Same corticosteroid medicine what to drink? Because my child often colds when he cries out, then I see in his right nose there are lumps. please info and help, thank you …

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Hello Wiwisuarsih,

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Lumps that appear in the nasal cavity of children who often have colds can indeed be caused by polyps. This polyp is a benign growth originating from the mucosal layer. Nasal polyps according to many experts arise because of repeated inflammation in the respiratory tract, for example in people with asthma, cystic fibrosis, allergic to aspirin, and so on. Not only do lumps appear in the nasal cavity, polyps can also make children more common colds, sneezing, experiencing olfactory disorders, snoring sleep, recurrent nosebleeds, recurring head and facial pain, and many other complaints.

However, you also need to know, it could be, a lump in the child's nasal cavity arises due to other reasons, for example due to enlargement of the Konka, deviation of the nasal septum, the entry of foreign objects, or even a malignancy. Each of these conditions can also make it easier for children to experience colds.

Therefore, before being confirmed by a doctor, you should not make conclusions too early. First check your child to the doctor, pediatrician, or ENT specialist doctor so that his condition can be handled properly. Further examinations, such as x-rays, rhinoscopy, etc. can also be done by a doctor to confirm the diagnosis. If the polyp is correct, then the doctor can give your child treatment in the form of drugs, to surgery. Not always, your child's condition is right to be treated with corticosteroids. Therefore, considering that corticosteroids are not included in the class of over-the-counter drugs, it is also not appropriate for us to prescribe them in free forums like this, without checking your child directly.

As an initial treatment step, try doing it first:

Make the environment around the child so it is not too dry, for example by minimizing the use of air conditioners and fans, use a humidifier water Give the child more drinking and eating warm temperatures Avoid the child from smoke, pollution, dust, and other respiratory irritants Do not carelessly give children medicine without doctor's advice Ask the child to rest more Hopefully it helps ..

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