What Is The Percent Chance That Twins Will Be Born Normal?

I am a prospective mother. This is my first pregnancy and I have twins. I really want to give birth to the normal doctrine of how we can give birth normally And the ways to be able to give birth normally

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Indeed, conceiving a twin fetus (gemelli) can increase your risk of having a cesarean delivery. However, twin pregnancy alone is not an absolute contraindication for normal delivery. If there are no significant complications, you can still give birth normally.

There are many considerations in determining what the method of delivery is best for each pregnant woman. In general, this factor is divided into 3, namely:

Maternal factors, such as pelvic area, mental condition, and history of the disease they have, for example high myopia, hypertension, diabetes, heart problems, asthma, etc. Fetal factors, such as fetal size that is too large or too small, fetal position in utero, abnormalities musculoskeletal or other fetal defects, fetal distress Other, for example the position of the placenta, old parturition, the wishes of the mother herself, etc. Because of the many considerations, the decision to choose the best delivery method should be discussed directly with the obstetrician who treats you. By checking the condition of your pregnancy on a regular basis, of course he better understands what would be good for you and the fetus in your womb. When in doubt, there is no need to be reluctant to ask for a second opinion by going back to another obstetrician.

There are no specific steps you can take to avoid cesarean delivery. However, the following efforts can be made to facilitate labor, so that your potential for a normal delivery will be greater:

Take care of your nutritional intake, eat a variety of balanced nutritional value foods, also consume pregnancy supplements as recommended by your doctor. Always live a healthy lifestyle, including adequate sleep, reduce excessive physical activity, stay away from cigarettes and alcohol, avoid narcotics too. Pregnancy control You periodically go to the doctor If you have stepped into the third trimester of pregnancy, start diligently doing pregnancy exercises with a trusted instructor Increase your knowledge about the right labor, for example by reading a lot of books, attending seminars, or also consulting with a doctor.

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