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Ass, nDok my name is Winta, age 26 years old nSy married already 1 year, what I want to ask I’m curious about the color of my husband’s semen when my husband’s semen comes out of his semen white but not as white as milk and sticky but when we have sex the next day when the semen spilled inside when I woke up, the semen was like sowed water, and sometimes after intercourse there was also a thick vaginal discharge that came out a little but my vagina also smells like garlic, nSy vaginal discharge, but when the vaginal discharge sometimes doesn’t come out of my miss V so sometimes I put my finger in to clean the leucorrhoea that lives in it, the vaginal discharge is also strange like a sowed tissue, it doesn’t itch d miss but instead itchy the anus sometimes, nPlease yes to give an answer, because I don’t have any children now, nWhat is the problem I’m having, is my husband having a problem or am I also having a problem? n

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Hi Wintha,

Thank you for asking HealthReplies.com.

Sperm cells are cells that are rich in protein. The content of sperm cells in the ejaculate will make this fluid appear white or gray in color. Normally, in one ejaculation, a man will release 2 to 5 ml of ejaculatory fluid (which consists of sperm and semen), with a thick consistency that sometimes seems sticky. However, after leaving the penis, this ejaculatory fluid will melt away in 15 to 30 minutes. This condition often causes some of the ejaculatory fluid to come back out after being inserted into the vagina. The ejaculate fluid usually produces a distinctive aroma, which resembles acacia flowers.

Likewise, vaginal discharge in women is normally clear to white, with a liquid to slightly thick consistency. The discharge should not be too much, have no smell, and it should not cause you to itch or sting. This vaginal discharge is produced from the secretion of glands in the cervical wall and vaginal canal. In some conditions, it can also be more vaginal discharge even though it is still considered normal, namely when before menstruation, when stressed, when tired, or using certain contraceptives. This more discharge can be lumpy and a little difficult to remove.

Judging from the information you convey, it cannot be concluded whether the real problem lies with you, your partner, or both.

Determining the quality of ejaculatory fluid is not sufficiently judged by physical appearance alone. Further analysis is required in the laboratory for microscopic tests. Ejaculatory fluid that looks neither too white nor thick is not always abnormal.

Leucorrhoea that smells like garlic, thick, and also causes itching around the anus may occur due to irritation, infection, or simply due to hormonal fluctuations in the body (for example, just before menstruation). It could also be, vaginal discharge like this occurs because of fistulas (abnormal channels that connect several parts of the body) or even malignancy (cancer) in the reproductive organs. Itching in the anus can also occur due to other reasons besides vaginal discharge, for example due to hemorrhoids, worm infections, infection with other microorganisms, anal abscess, and so on.

Our advice is that you check yourself and your partner to a gynecologist. Some examinations, for example urine tests, ejaculatory fluid analysis, ultrasound, etc. can be done by doctors to check your fertility. What kind of handling steps that need to be done next will be adjusted to the conditions that both of you are experiencing.

In the meantime, you and your partner can first do the following:

Clean the genitals properly after every bowel movement and sexual intercourse. Do not use scented soaps, spermicides, sexual lubricants, or other chemicals around the vagina unless you have consulted the doctor first. Wear clean and changed pants after every shower. Do not scratch the pubic or anal itching To increase the potential for pregnancy, have regular sexual intercourse 2 to 3 times a week, eat more foods rich in folic acid and vitamin E, stay away from cigarettes, and exercise regularly.

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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