What Is The Psychological Condition Of The Baby If Changing Caregivers?

good afternoon, u003cbr u003Emay, I have a 10-month-old child, because I work my child at home in the care of my mother from the first born until now, it’s been a month the position of the child now in the village with my mother, had lived with me in Jakarta, now my mother-in-law asked my child to stay in her house 2 weeks, will it affect the psychological condition of my child if my child suddenly moves into my parents-in-law’s house without my husband or husband there, while my child has so far been barely ever met my in-laws because of the distance, will my child easily adapt to new people later ?? will it affect my child psychologically ?? thank you

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Hello Eka, thank you for asking.

Psychological children are related to parenting and who is caring. Babies are the same as adults, have their respective characters. There are babies who are easy to adapt to new environments, some are difficult. Parents are the ones who know best the child's character. Indeed, babies should be introduced early on to both sides of the family, so the baby knows and is accustomed to different lifestyles. If your baby has been almost fully cared for by your parents' family, then it is likely that the baby will indeed need time to be able to adapt to your husband's family.

The key is communication between the two parties of the family. Try to get your mother to communicate about the parenting that has been applied, with your in-laws. Try also to have your parents-in-law combine parenting practices adopted by your mother, with the parenting choices of your in-laws. You and your husband should determine what combination of parenting is most appropriate for your baby.

In essence, babies are still in the process of growth and development of mindset, then adaptation will generally be easier than the adaptation of an older child or adult. The thing to note is, try to change the atmosphere occurs gradually so that the baby is not confused and traumatized.

So a little explanation from me, hopefully it can be useful. Regards.

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