What Is The Size Of The Area Of ​​melanoma That Was Declared Dangerous?

Illustration of What Is The Size Of The Area Of ​​melanoma That Was Declared Dangerous?
Illustration: What Is The Size Of The Area Of ​​melanoma That Was Declared Dangerous? dev.health.harvard.edu

for melanoma cases, what is the size of the area declared dangerous? thank you

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Basically, melanoma is skin cancer and cancer is a type of malignant tumor so that there is no harmless melanoma. Even small melanomas can have very deep roots. This causes the melanoma is very easy to spread or metastasis to other organs if not detected and treated immediately.

If indeed you have checked yourself into a dermatologist and your doctor has a suspicion toward melanoma, you should immediately do the examination and treatment recommended by your doctor.

If you have not yet done an examination to a dermatologist, then the following are some instructions that can direct suspicion on melanoma or other skin malignancies:

there are new moles that appear after the age of 35 years
a mole that looks different from other moles
there was a change in shape on the old mole
moles with a size of more than 6 mm
moles that are not symmetrical in shape
mole surface looks uneven / bumpy or rough
the boundary of the mole looks indecisive
the color of the mole is not homogeneous (there are more than 1 color in 1 mole)
the mole becomes itchy, painful, bleeds easily, is injured and is difficult to heal, there is swelling or redness around the mole

If you have the characteristics mentioned above, immediately consult a dermatologist and do not delay.

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