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My back is right around the top of my waist, it often feels like a pin prick when exposed to the sun or when I am doing activities, why is that ???

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Hi Dani,

Pain in the upper waist like being prickly as you experience can basically be caused by the following possible causes:

Muscle spasm or tension B vitamin deficiency Presence of peripheral neuropathy Psychological stress Spinal cord disorders Kidney problems
If the complaints keep recurring, it's a good idea to see a doctor so that they can be examined further. A physical examination and supporting tests (if needed, such as an X-Ray, CT Scan, urine test, or EMG) will be performed by the doctor to investigate the cause further, so that if there is an abnormality you can be given appropriate treatment according to the underlying cause.

In the meantime, to reduce the incidence of complaints, the following suggestions are what you can do:

Maintain the correct position and posture while on the move, sitting or lying down Reduce strenuous activities Avoid heavy lifting, pulling, pushing or bending excessively Avoid excessive sun exposure Get adequate rest and minimize stress
A similar discussion can be read on the following page:

The skin on the back is like being pricked by a needle

So hopefully this is useful.

dr. Muliani Sukiman

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