What Is The Solution To Overcome Throat Irritation?

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I want to ask, my throat is irritated, when I take a photo, my throat is rich with redness, then there is mucus, when I get out of the mucus, my phlegm is bleeding, I’m not comfortable with my throat, what are the symptoms? and how to treat / overcome them, huh? please explain

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Inflammation of the throat wall or called acute pharyngitis is inflammation caused by viruses (40-60%), bacteria (5-40%), allergies, trauma, irritants, and others. Children and adults generally have 3-5 times a viral infection of the upper respiratory tract including pharyngitis each year.

Typical symptoms based on the type, namely:

1. Viral pharyngitis (usually by Rhinovirus): begins with symptoms of rhinitis and a few days later pharyngitis arises. Other symptoms of fever are accompanied by colds and nausea.

2. Bacterial pharyngitis: severe headache, vomiting, sometimes fever with high temperatures, rarely accompanied by coughing, and often an enlarged neck lymph node.

3. Fungal pharyngitis: especially sore throat and painful swallowing.

4. Hyperplastic chronic pharyngitis: first dry throat, itch and finally cough with phlegm.

5. Chronic pharyngitis atrophy: generally thick, dry throat and smelly mouth.

6. Tuberculosis pharyngitis: severe pain in the pharynx and does not respond with non-specific bacterial treatment.

7. If gonorrhea or pharyngitis pharyngitis is suspected, a history of sexual relations, especially oral sex, is asked.

Redness accompanied by mucus that is seen in the throat is a nasal secretion that flows into the back of the throat, it is normal to be found in inflammatory conditions in the nose to the throat area.

Consult with your doctor to assess your current condition, your doctor may assess your throat, and examine the throat if necessary. Medications include medicines to reduce the symptoms of memory. Most of the causes are viral infections that can heal on their own.

While what can be done at home is adequate rest, drinking enough water, and gargling with warm water and gargling with antiseptic mouthwash to maintain oral hygiene.

So, I hope this information can help you

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