What Is The Treatment For Pityriasis Rosea?

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Good afternoon, my name is rina r I am suffering from a pityriasis rosea skin disease r nIs there a cure for pityriasis rosea at the pharmacy or not there r nDo I need to see a doctor first

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To find out the diagnosis of a skin disease such as pityriasis rosea, a direct examination must be done beforehand by a skin specialist, because there are so many abnormalities in the skin that have the appearance / likeness / similar even though the cause is different. Skin disorders that are similar in shape include:

pityriasis rosea
tinea corporis
atopic dermatitis

If you have not seen a doctor, you should first check with a dermatologist to determine if your condition is really true pityriasis rosea. If you can read more about pityriasis rosea: Pityriasis rosea is a reddish-colored rash on the skin that is slightly protruding and scaly, caused by a viral infection. Symptoms besides causing redness to the skin can also cause itching. Because the cause of this virus is usually able to heal itself in a certain period of time is usually quite a bit about 1-3 months, if more than 2 months do not subside you can be examined further or re-control to re-examine the dermatologist to get further treatment. Antivirus can be needed or not needed depending on the condition of the disease, usually can be given at the beginning of the rash appears (the first 3 days) to speed up the healing process, above that time the use is less meaningful. Other treatments according to the symptoms of itching medication to reduce the itching according to doctor's recommendation. Some other things you need to pay attention to:

Avoid scratching the area of ​​the rash or the itchy area so it does not become more severe or irritated
itching or inflammatory ointment apply routine if necessary as directed by your doctor
use lotion to keep skin moist and not dry
drink plenty of water for at least 2 L per day
eat nutritious foods to increase endurance
enough rest
bask or leave in the morning sun

the following article you can read skin rashes, pytiriasis rosea

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