What Is The Treatment For Preeclampsia In Pregnant Women And Should The Pregnancy Be Terminated?

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Good night, I want to ask One of the danger signs of pregnancy is the occurrence of edema (swelling), in the legs, hands and face accompanied by hypertension and increased urinary protein. Because of this, preeclampsia can occur in pregnant women. Then what about management if that happens? Does the pregnancy have to end immediately? And why the pregnancy must end immediately? Thank you

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Preeclampsia is a condition of health problems during pregnancy that is characterized by high blood pressure, positive urine protein, and inflammation. In patients with preeclampsia, this pregnancy has a high risk, so it is not only a risk to the safety of the fetus but also a risk to the safety of the mother. Thus preventing the occurrence of preeclampsia during early pregnancy, during pregnancy, and after delivery will help prevent a high risk of pregnancy with preeclampsia.
Some complaints that often follow pregnancy with preeclampsia are high blood pressure, shortness of breath, decreased urine volume, nausea, vomiting, urine protein, increased liver function, decreased blood platelets and swelling can also be found in the body.
To diagnose a preeclampsia, it is necessary to have a routine pregnancy check-up to the obstetrician so that the obstetrician can do a physical examination, ultrasound examination, urine examination, or blood test according to the measurement. The results of the examination will be a reference for diagnosis and treatment for the patient.
In patients or pregnant women who are diagnosed with preeclampsia by a gynecologist, a number of treatment steps are taken to help control the risk of preeclampsia, namely:
1. control high blood pressure
2. Control liver function and kidney function so that it remains optimal and does not get worse
3. termination of pregnancy, if the obstetrician assesses preeclampsia cannot be treated with drugs or the risk of maternal safety is increasingly dangerous.
Regarding your question, in general we have answered above, and related to terminating the pregnancy, the pregnancy will be terminated if the safety of the mother is seriously threatened. So that where the handling of preeclampsia can work well with drugs, treatments, the pregnancy continues to be followed by close supervision until the age of the fetus is old enough and can be born. Therefore, every case of preeclampsia that is encountered, each is handled according to the patient's condition and the condition of the fetus at the time of diagnosis. So discuss with your doctor candugan related to your health condition and doctor's plans related to the pregnancy you live.
For now, it's best to avoid excessive activity, stress and physical fatigue. Avoid foods high in salt and MSG.
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