What Medicine To Treat “Brain Bleeding,” Apart From “Surgical Procedures”.?

Illustration of What Medicine To Treat “Brain Bleeding,” Apart From “Surgical Procedures”.?
Illustration: What Medicine To Treat “Brain Bleeding,” Apart From “Surgical Procedures”.? tuftsmedicalcenter.org

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Coma is a condition of decreased consciousness that is very decreased and is an emergency condition that can be experienced by a person for a certain period of time or for a while and it can be for a very long time. The condition of coma can be caused by various conditions ranging from head injury, brain hemorrhage due to stroke, rupture of blood vessels in the brain, infection in the brain or certain medical conditions that trigger brain activity to stop and lead to coma. Most of the comatose patients can breathe spontaneously, but not a few also need a breathing apparatus.

In your father's case there was a coma which resulted from cerebral hemorrhage and caused cerebral palsy. So it is necessary to know in advance the cause of brain hemorrhage that occurs whether due to a bleeding stroke, known as a hemorrhagic stroke or a ruptured aneurysm in the brain. Here in detail some of the conditions that can cause bleeding in the brain are as follows:

Head injury

The existence of long-standing high blood pressure or hypertension

The presence of an aneurysm or weakening of the blood vessel walls in the brain and causes the blood vessels to burst.

The existence of abnormalities from blood clots, for example in the condition of hemophilia

The presence of a tumor in the brain

The presence of a condition called amyloid angiopathy, which is an abnormality in the walls of blood vessels that can be caused by aging and high blood pressure conditions

Whether or not the operation is necessary depends on the person's medical condition and of course based on the long consideration of the doctor who treated your father. Not only surgery, all medical actions that will be performed need consideration between the benefits and risks that will arise. If the benefits obtained are greater than the risks, then medical action is generally done, but it is not free from the risks that may occur. In a coma it allows a person to undergo surgery, only a stable vital sign is needed, so generally the patient's condition must be stabilized first such as blood pressure, breath, pulse, heart work, sugar levels and so on, all these parameters need to be considered to undergo certain surgeries including surgery to treat cerebral hemorrhages.

Consult all of this with the team of doctors who treat your father. You and your family have the right to receive as complete information as possible about your father's condition, both your father's condition, prognosis and future treatment plans.

That's all I can say, hopefully it's useful.

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