What Medicine To Treat Swelling In The Bowel Tract?

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Good morning …. I was sick of swelling in the bowel movement … and I asked if it was dangerous or not … the color was red and felt aching until I could not sleep …. I was sick …. that was my question

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Hello Grandson,

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Need to be clear, do you experience swelling in the anus? Are there other complaints that arise, such as bloody bowel movements, constipation, pus out of the anus, and so on? Is there a history of certain diseases that you suffered before?

Swollen anus that is reddish and feels painful, there are many possible causes, including:

Hemorrhoids (hemorrhoids); Venous swelling in the anus or lower rectum, due to increased pressure around the anus, can be due to constipation, prolonged diarrhea, pregnancy, obesity, and many other factors

Anal abscess; pus-filled sacs formed by infection around the anus, often causing fistula formation, which is an abnormal duct that connects the anus to the outer skin

Anal cancer (malignant tumor in the anus)
Others, for example anal fissure, anal prolapse, infection or other tumors around the anus, proctitis, etc.

These conditions, if they interfere with sleep, should not be left. Of course, a pretty great pain felt around the anus can also make other activities interfere. Therefore, check yourself directly to the doctor or surgeon. If necessary, the doctor will direct you to undergo a biopsy examination or endoscopy of the digestive tract to find out the swollen and aching smoke, so that treatment can be given on target.

So that your complaints improve, in the meantime you can first do the trick below:

Soak in warm water so that the swelling and pain will subside
Take paracetamol to help relieve pain
Always keep the anal area and surrounding area clean
Don't use pants that are too tight
Do not also sit too long on a hard base
Never lift or push heavy objects
Avoid constipation, which is to increase drinking, eat foods rich in fiber, and do not hold back the desire to defecate
Avoid anal sex, especially with partners whose sexual history is not clear

Hope this helps ...

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