What Nail Remedy That Looks Curved

Illustration of What Nail Remedy That Looks Curved
Illustration: What Nail Remedy That Looks Curved

My skin looks dry. Like an old man’s hand cracked, then my nails became curved. I wonder what medicine is suitable, in terms of natural and chemical

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Curved nails can be caused by several possibilities, including:

Excessive hand washing (including excessive use of hand sanitizers)
Excessive use of nail polish or nail polish cleanser
Excessive use of fake nails
Continuous exposure to detergent, dish soap, or other chemicals
Nutritional deficiency
Thyroid hormone disorders

If you see your toenails also have a similar problem, most likely the cause is a systemic cause (nutritional deficiency, thyroid hormone disorders, aging, other diseases). If the problem only occurs on your fingernails, the most likely cause is the other things mentioned above (numbers 1-4). If the cause is systemic, then you should do a doctor's examination to find out if you do have certain health problems. If the damage only occurs on your fingernails, then here are some things you can try to do first:

Avoid the use of nail polish or fake nails for a while
If you have to wash your hands frequently / use a hand sanitizer (in the current corona virus pandemic), try to always use a hand moisturizer (preferably one that does not contain fragrance)
If you want to wash clothes, do the dishes, or you work a lot with certain chemicals, make sure you use gloves / personal protective equipment that is correct
Eat foods with complete nutrition every day
Drink enough at least 2-3 liters a day.

If indeed your nails are still dry and damaged after trying the things above, you are advised to do a dermatologist's examination when the corona virus pandemic is over.

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