What Pain?

Illustration of What Pain?
Illustration: What Pain?

Doc I want to ask, for example, I sit too long sometimes 5-6 hours while playing cellphone. Why is my head a little dizzy, my neck feels hot, I eat regularly, I drink often too much, I think it hurts. Thanks

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Hello Ferry,

Thank you for the question.

Sitting too long can cause blood flow to the neck and brain to decrease, so you can feel your neck hot and dizzy. Your habit of drinking excessive coffee can also aggravate this complaint. Not only that, dizziness and heat of your neck may also be caused by other factors, such as muscle cramps, fibromyalgia, anemia, hypotension, hypoglycemia, nerve clamps, rheumatoid arthritis, viral or bacterial infections, hormonal fluctuations, psychological disorders, increased gastric acid, disorders of the stomach metabolic, hypertension, tension headaches, migraines, and so on.

Although it doesn't always disrupt activities, if your complaints are repeated very often, you should stay alert. Resolve your complaint first by:

A warm compress to the neck that feels hot
Take paracetamol to reduce dizziness and heat in your neck
Don't carelessly massage or ring uncomfortable necks and heads
Eat regularly and drink more water
Limit consumption of caffeine (a maximum of 1 cup a day)
Improve your posture during activity
Regularly exercise every day
Stay away from cigarettes, stress, alcohol, and an unhealthy lifestyle
Sleep early and regularly

If the complaint feels more severe, or if you also experience neck stiffness, unbearable headaches, vomiting, high fever for more than 3 days, and other severe complaints, do not hesitate to go to a doctor or neurologist for further treatment. according to the cause huh ..

Conversely, if only the above steps improve your complaints, you can postpone checking with your doctor first, so that your risk of contracting a disease (such as COVID-19) can be minimized.

Hope this helps ...

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