What Pain Am I Experiencing Now?

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In the afternoon, I want to ask, I have a fever for 3 days accompanied by dizziness. If I don’t stand strong for a long time, I immediately feel dizzy and feel dizzy when my stomach is filled with nausea. And the third day I defecated constantly and red. What signs of illness am I experiencing?

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Hello Endah Lestari, thank you for asking with the HealthReplies.com team.

Fresh red bloody bowel movements are usually caused by bleeding in the lower gastrointestinal tract. Some conditions that can cause bleeding in the lower digestive tract are:

- Hemorrhoids: dilation of blood vessels in the anal area at risk of bleeding.

- Anal fissure: open sores in the anal canal or rectum.

- Diverticulitis: inflammation or infection in the diverticula (small abnormal pockets that form in the digestive tract).

- Inflammatory bowel

- Polyps

In the lower gastrointestinal bleeding can sometimes be accompanied by complaints of diarrhea / diarrhea, fever, changes in the frequency of bowel movements, abdominal pain, and weight loss. If the complaint does not improve, you should check yourself directly to the doctor, so you can know with certainty the cause of the complaints that you feel.

Some things you can do at home: multiply the consumption of fibrous foods, avoid sitting too long, and avoid the consumption of alcoholic drinks that can cause dehydration and constipation, avoid holding back bowel movements, eating regularly, managing stress well, avoid lying down after eating , and do other healthy lifestyle.

You can read this article further: Chapter bleed

Thank you, I hope this helps you.

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