What Pain Am I Experiencing ??

Illustration of What Pain Am I Experiencing ??
Illustration: What Pain Am I Experiencing ??

It has been 2 days I feel the body greges aka my bones feel rheumatic pain from the back of my hands and teeth My head is dizzy great high fever but the fever is gone every time I drink paracetamol and amoxilin

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Complaints of greges, fever, aching bones or aches, and dizziness, are common complaints and early symptoms that often accompany patients with flu, colds or sore throat. This condition can be triggered by a physical condition that is already quite tired, gathering fatigue, lack of sleep, and may be added to smoking, fried foods or contracting illness from friends or family members who have a fever.

The complaints that you feel are your body's response to physical fatigue that you may experience for a few days or as information for you so that you take a break from all your busy life. If you do not rest as soon as possible, or are still busy, or still like to stay up late or still smoke when smoking, then this will aggravate the complaints you feel or prolong the recovery process.

But indeed, the complaint that you feel is an initial complaint that can be caused by various types of medical medical conditions, until an examination by a doctor and ascertained the main cause of the complaint you feel. Without a direct examination by your doctor, it is difficult to know the cause of the complaint you feel.

In general, some of the medical conditions below can trigger complaints that you feel, such as:

Sore throat
Common cold
Dengue fever
Indigestion or digestive infections
Urinary tract infection
Other respiratory infections

Therefore, it is necessary to conduct an evaluation and consultation with your doctor, especially if within two days or if within two days after taking regular medication it has not improved. And you should not consume amoxillin or antibiotics without medical supervision to prevent unexpected side effects.

You can continue paracetamol in the next 1-2 days, if this complaint persists the next day, then consult your family doctor. The doctor will conduct an evaluation and direct examination to ascertain the cause of the complaint you are feeling. Thus, the doctor can provide the right care and treatment for you.

For this time, several things you need to consider in the recovery period, such as:

Stay at home while you are sick until healed
Get used to wash hands with soap and water
Use a mask
Avoid sleeping late
Avoid cigarettes when smoking
Avoid fried foods, spicy foods, and instant foods while you are sick

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