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Illustration: What Pain

Asallamualaikum doctor, I’m Yuli from Lombok. I want to ask doc, I’m not pregnant u0026amp; it is very difficult to get pregnant even though I was released 1 year ago but it is very difficult to get pregnant, I really want to get pregnant doctor.

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Birth control or commonly known as family planning methods or contraceptive planning of a variety of variations, ranging from natural, barrier, pills, injections, uterine devices, to sterile or permanent birth control. Each method has advantages and disadvantages of each. The duration of return to fertility after contraceptive use also varies depending on the type used. Fertility after the use of hormonal contraception can generally return within a few months to 1-2 years depending on the type used and the response of each person's body. Generally, fertility is marked by the return of the menstrual cycle, which occurs regularly every month.

Under normal circumstances or not pregnant, the uterus is deep in the pelvic cavity and does not reach the abdominal area. While in the stomach there are various types of organs that are dominated by digestive organs and digestive tract or intestine. Every day and every time the human digestive tract is actively pushing and absorbing food and drinks that enter the body which can sometimes be consciously felt or heard movement from the intestine.

For a while:

Menhaga nutritional intake remains adequate
Drink plenty of water
Sleep and rest enough
Manage stress
Calculate the fertile period

Regarding your condition further, it is better if you can check yourself and consult with a gynecologist for further examination and treatment

So much information from me, hopefully it helps

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