What Portion Of Food Should Be Consumed When A Calorie-reducing Diet?

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hello r nI want to ask my weight 58kg with a height of 150cm. I want to try to run a diet program. how many calories do I need to reduce to be able to lose weight? thank you

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Hello Fita Widia, thank you for your trust in HealthReplies.com.

Wow, it's great that you want to pay attention to your weight and maintain your diet. Keep in mind, the main goal of a correct diet is to achieve ideal body weight and prevent overweight or obesity.

For example, roughly for a height of 150 cm, the ideal body weight can be calculated from the height reduced by 100, for a range that is still said to be normal is + 10% of the ideal body weight, so the normal weight ranges from 45-55 kg (Remember, this is a rough calculation.How to calculate ideal body weight is different again in women with height above 150 cm or in men over 160 cm, and certainly can not be used in special conditions such as pregnancy or there are other diseases). You can also see if you are overweight or obese by calculating your body mass index (weight (kg) divided by height (meters), then divided by your height (meters) again).

Calorie intake is a basic requirement for the body to get energy. The energy needs of each person is different, depending on age, gender, weight and height, daily physical activity (mild / moderate / severe), and special conditions that are being experienced by someone, for example being suffering from certain diseases, or fever. (Also read: How to know the calorie needs per day for weight loss)

At present, there are many modalities for calculating digital calorie requirements. However, the easy and rough way is by: ideal body weight x 25 kcal (in women) or 30 kcal (in men). Calorie requirements naturally increase in productive age with heavy physical activity every day. For the purpose of weight loss, the number of calories given is at least 1000-1200 kcal / day for women.

Maintaining calorie intake is important for weight loss, but the type of food eaten must also be good. If you really want to go on a diet, increase the portion of vegetables and protein, and reduce the portion of carbohydrates. Avoid fatty foods and fried foods because the calories in these foods are quite high. Daily meals are still scheduled 3x a day (morning, afternoon, and evening), with snack interludes in the form of fruit and vegetables as much as 1 cup 2x a day.

However, to lose weight is not enough just to reduce calories from food alone. Regular exercise can optimize your efforts. You can choose sports such as jogging, swimming, gymnastics, or others with a minimum duration of 30 minutes per sport (for the purpose of burning fat) and done 3-5 times a week.

To be more accurate and more programmed, you can consult a Nutritionist first to calculate your actual calorie needs, after that the nutritionist can also plan a schedule, type, and amount of food that you can consume for the benefit of losing weight. This will certainly make it easier for you to regulate your diet.

Also read: Maintain ideal body weight with low-calorie foods.

That's all, hopefully it helps. Feel free to ask back to HealthReplies.com if there are still things you want to ask. Good luck on the diet.

Greetings healthy,

dr. Sheryl Serelia.

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