What Shortness Of Breath Does That Include Corona Symptoms?

Illustration of What Shortness Of Breath Does That Include Corona Symptoms?
Illustration: What Shortness Of Breath Does That Include Corona Symptoms?

Doc I feel uncomfortable when breathing, wake up suddenly I am short of breath until I wake up in the middle of the night heart beating fast, fever and cough or sore throat I do not feel, please forgive me what is this my Corona parno

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Complaints of shortness of breath when you wake up in the middle of the night and accompanied by palpitations, may not be associated with Covid-19 infection. Complaints that you feel may be triggered by other medical conditions that cause you to wake up and tightness. This is supported by information that you do not feel coughing, fever, and sore throat. So that the identification and suspicion that leads to Covid-19 is very small, but still needs to evaluate and recover the complaints that you feel, so that your immune system and your stamina does not decrease.

Whereas relating to Covid-19 infection is an important risk factor in the form of contact with a Covid-19 patient or having been in a local transmission area in the last 14 days. So that in the incubation period of 2-14 days, patients get comorbid complaints in the form of:

 Cough Body temperature rises or Fever> 38 degrees celsius Cause of illness or complaints at this time can not be ascertained Shortness of breath Shortness of breath Within 14 days of contact with a suspicious patient Covid-19 or positive patient Covid-19 In 14 days you travel far or out of town / overseas where the area is a local transmission area that has been determined by the Ministry of Health or an authorized organization. Even if you are in a risky area, but complaints of fever more than 38 degrees Celsius are absent and complaints of cough are absent, then this may not be a Covid-19 virus infection. . However, you should still try a few things related to the recovery and evaluation of complaints of tightness that you feel in the period of vigilance against Corona as now, such as:

 Avoid tidru late at night Consumption of nutritious foods and drinks Avoid spicy foods, oily foods, fried foods, instant foods or foods that are not maintained clean Avoid activities outside the home, so stay at home until the condition is declared safe Staying at home to restore stamina and power hold the body Do self distancing or social distancing in your home towards your family members and outside your home, this is done to prevent the risk of contact and accretion of patients Covid increasing Avoid physical fatigue Get used to doing good personal hygiene such as bathing, washing hands regularly , and use a mask when you cough Use hand sanitizer when it is difficult to get soap and water If complaints are increasing and accompanied by complaints of cough, fever more than 38 degrees celsius and / or shortness of breath increasing, immediately to the provincial hospital or city hospital where you live So be alert the risk of Covid-19 infection is still carried out under reasonable conditions and your health condition is getting better.

Regarding your current complaint, there are other possible triggers that cause suffocation when you wake up from sleep are:

 Gastric disorders GERD or gastro esophageal reflux disease where stomach acid rises to the esophagus or throat You feel anxiety or excessive panic before going to sleep, in other words, your stress levels increase Physical fatigue that accumulates in a few days Heart problems Airway disorders If this tightness complaint it is not increasing or you don't feel suffocating right now, so the possibility of this complaint is not risky, and is often related to problems with your stomach, especially if you have a history of stomach problems before.

So that some of the above efforts can also help you prevent these complaints from recovering soon, thus, you will feel more comfortable and tightness complaints get better soon. If this complaint persists within two days, then you can consult directly with your family doctor, one of them by having an online relationship with your doctor, especially if your doctor does not recommend that you come to meet during the period of vigilance as now, especially if you are in local transmission area. Your doctor will provide advice and recommendations for handling and treatment for you, so that these complaints can be controlled and get better soon.

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