What Should I Do If I Have A Foreign Object Pierced In My Ear?

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Earlier I was doing voluntary work and suddenly my ear was pierced by a tree branch that I was cleaning and after that it was bleeding and it felt a bit sore after that I brought it to the hospital and was treated by the hospital but after that my ears were just cleaned and told to control tomorrow again is it correct? Especially now that my ears are still sore

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What is worrying about a stab wound to the ear is a torn eardrum. Because, in adults, tearing of the eardrum is less likely to stick back together without surgery. This eardrum is important for its function in sound conduction in the hearing process. A torn eardrum can reduce your hearing function, it can even cause permanent deafness.

Tearing of the eardrum due to a puncture of a foreign object can be characterized by bleeding from the ear and significant hearing loss. In addition, sufferers often experience abnormal secretions from the ear due to inflammation that occurs in the middle ear. This condition can be confirmed through a direct physical examination by a doctor, or also with the help of supporting tests, for example using an otoscopy or hearing test (audiometry).

In addition to tearing of the eardrum, a puncture in the ear caused by a foreign object can also cause injury or inflammation in the outer ear. This condition is called otitis externa. Symptoms that arise can be bleeding from the ear, accompanied by pain, decreased hearing, swelling of the ear canal, and more discharge from the ear.

How is the condition of your ears according to the doctor who examined you? Are there any symptoms of otitis externa or tearing of the eardrum? In general, overcoming puncture wounds in the ear is done by first cleaning the area of ​​the wound and reducing inflammation, for example by giving drops that contain anti-pain, anti-inflammatory, and antibiotics to minimize the risk of infection. Furthermore, after the inflammation is resolved, it will be further evaluated for possible disorders of the deeper ear, including the possibility of tearing of the eardrum.

Therefore, if the initial treatment has been carried out by a doctor, but the complaints still do not improve, you can go to an ENT specialist for further treatment.

Meanwhile, to reduce pain in the ear, you can first take paracetamol. It is not recommended to put anything or scrape the ear with any object because it has the potential to make injury and inflammation worse. Also keep your ears dry and clean.

Hope this helps ..

dr. Nadia Nurotul Fuadah

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