What Steps Should Be Taken Before Eye Bags Surgery?

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, I’m a 24-year-old woman, but my eye bags are black, big and wrinkled. I have done various ways, bought various kinds of eye creams but there was no result in my opinion getting worse, and I was impressed old and tired face. until I thought I wanted eye surgery. such as the feared filler only lasted for a while and returned like smula. if there is another solution besides eye bags surgery is there any? or is it just eye bag surgery? thanks in advance for the answer

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Hello Ratihlidiyan, thank you for asking at HealthReplies.com.

Eye bags and dark circles on the eyes basically do not cause any health problems, but it can indeed cause a disturbance in one's self confidence, especially in women.

These eye bags themselves are formed due to a weakness in the membrane that holds fat under the eye. This weakness can occur due to aging, exposure to sunlight, smoking, excessive consumption of caffeine / alcohol, body hormone disorders, allergies, lack of rest, lack of fluids, stress, or a family history of the condition.

If one of the triggers for this condition (which can be changed) you do often, then you can try to eliminate these factors to help eliminate your eye bags and eye circles. Make sure you are always sufficiently hydrated and eat enough nutritious food every day.

Regarding procedures for removing wrinkles in the eye bag, there are currently several options such as peels, fillers, or lasers. However, to determine which therapy is appropriate for you should consult with your doctor firsthand.

Eye bag surgery for your condition is actually included in the elective action, which is an action done because of the patient's wishes, because as explained previously, large and black eye bags are not harmful to health so the indications of this surgery are the aesthetics and wishes of the patient. This surgical procedure itself is generally recommended for people aged 35 years and over. If you want to do this procedure, consult first with a doctor who is already competent to perform this operation, such as a plastic surgeon, both regarding risks, surgical procedures and also how to proceed.

I hope this helps.

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