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Illustration of What Symptoms
Illustration: What Symptoms

Doc permission to ask I like to feel pain in the chest when feeling cold but when it’s hot let alone bask in the sun in the morning the pain disappears That’s why yeah doc?

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Hello Rerenti,

Thank you for the question.

Chest pain that occurs when cold can be caused by temperature and humidity. Cold air can irritate the respiratory tract, so that the breathing muscles narrow, and you feel symptoms of chest pain and burning. This can also be caused by a gap between the chest cartilage which narrows when exposed to cold air, causing discomfort in the chest.

However, there are other possible causes of chest pain, namely:

Heart disorders, such as inflammation of the muscles or membranes of the heart lining, heart attacks, or heart failure. Usually the symptoms will be accompanied by cold sweat, shortness when activity.
Lung disorders, such as pleurisy, or pulmonary hypertension.
Indigestion (which is usually accompanied by pain in the pit of the stomach), such as acid reflux, dyspepsia syndrome, or stomach ulcers.

Disorders of the chest muscles and surrounding structures, such as costchondritis.

Psychological disorders, such as psychosomatic disorders, somatization disorders, and panic disorders.

Here are things you can do at home to reduce these symptoms:

Enough rest.
Avoid cold exposure, for example by using thick clothing.
Improve diet, such as eating regularly, avoid foods that contain lots of gas, sour, spicy, oily, contain soda, and caffeine.
Adequate nutritional and fluid needs of at least 2-3 liters per day.
Regular exercise and sleep 7-9 hours per day.
Manage stress well.

If chest pain is accompanied by cold sweat, unable to do activities, such as suppressed, and there is spread to the arms, back, or jaw or neck, immediately contact a doctor or go to the local emergency room.

Hope this information helps.


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