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I have almost coughed up phlegm with runny nose .. what is corona or just cold flu?

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Hello Dina,

Thank you for the question.

Corona disease (COVID-19) can indeed make sufferers experience coughs and colds. It's just that not all people who have coughs and colds can be said to have Corona disease. There are still many other conditions that can also make sufferers cough and runny nose, for example allergies, the introduction of foreign bodies into the airways, viral or other bacterial infections, irritation, seasonal changes, the influence of drugs, impaired immunity, and so on.

Your complaint, if the appearance is not accompanied by fever, muscle and joint pain, tightness, weakness, fatigue, sore throat, or other symptoms of COVID-19, is less likely to appear due to Corona disease. Your risk of experiencing Corona disease can also be said to be small if you have never been in contact with sufferers of Corona disease, have never been in contact with people who have been discharged to the area of ​​the Corona outbreak, and have never traveled to the Corona outbreak area.

As a first step, coughs and colds can be treated first by:

 Drink plenty of warm water, you can also add honey or ginger. Don't eat and drink cold and oily masks. Use a mask. Increase personal hygiene. Also increase endurance, which is by resting more, eating a variety of nutritionally balanced foods, and exercising regularly. Don't smoke. , You can check yourself directly to the doctor or ENT doctor if after undergoing the tips above your complaint does not also improve.

Hope this helps ...

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