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Hello, Doc. I want to ask about psychological symptoms experienced by my mother. Because when he is angry he can’t hold his emotions very often. Like other people and always threatens to kill or kill himself or something dangerous. But when his emotions are good he will behave well and pleasant.

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Anger actually includes healthy emotions. Even feelings of anger can bring positive changes. It is humane if sometimes angry at certain situations. But what if it is often difficult to control emotional turmoil. Anger can be a negative thing when it turns out of control and leads to aggressive behavior. Shouting at others, doing destructive actions, hitting, including some forms of adverse manifestations of anger

It is true, someone who is angry or overly emotional must be experiencing various things that interfere with his mental health. This condition is more often associated with a lot of thought load, which leads to the occurrence of stress and depression. In cases of violence due to uncontrolled emotions, there is an imbalance of the hormone serotonin in the sufferer's brain. This is why someone who commits violence is always associated with depression, because it gives rise to the same symptoms.

referred to as a sign of mental instability, does not mean excessive emotions can not be overcome, yes. there are a number of ways below that you might be able to try so that emotions are not excessive. including:

You can tell your mother to routinely and diligently cultivate
Manage stress by doing yoga and meditation or relaxation
Try to ask your mother carefully what she is feeling, try to discuss
You can ease your mother's emotions by taking her to sit or taking her away from the argument
hug your mother and give good advice
You can do this to your mother for the first time, realizing that angry anger that is difficult to control is a bad thing. When always facing and solving problems with anger, the edges are not the solution obtained, but other problems.
Every time you feel angry, try to sit and breathe for a moment. Feel the anger, then identify whether the anger that is being experienced is a friend or enemy. Remember that aggressive behavior that will be done when angry, will only make regret. For example, regret because it has hurt yourself and others.
How to reduce anger this one is also important. The condition of the body and mind when it can affect the scale of anger. Karenastres, tired, or being sick can make anger even worse.

if there is no improvement above, try to take your mother to an expert to see a doctor or psychologist to find a solution or discussion your mother will experience. so the doctor can do the examination and treatment or the right solution.

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