What To Do First When The Program Is Pregnant?

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I want a pregnant program, what should I first prepare or do?

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Hello Ms. Eka,

After marriage, most couples want to have children right away. To prepare for pregnancy, you should first ensure that the mother and father are in good health. Although not mandatory, before marriage is recommended to undergo prenuptial testing, with the aim of knowing whether there are diseases that can be transmitted to partners or have an effect on the prospective baby later, and can be overcome before transmission occurs such as TORCH, HIV, hepatitis B and C or other sexually transmitted diseases like gonorrhea.

The following tips for preparing for pregnancy:

This health check can you consult your obstetrician, especially if you have not done a premarital check
Having sex regularly, 3-4 times a week or every day during the fertile period
Conduct a healthy lifestyle, by eating healthy balanced nutritional foods, not smoking, controlling stress, exercising regularly.

Consumption of foods containing folic acid such as vegetables and beans can meet the needs of folic acid to avoid fetal congenital abnormalities. You can consult your doctor about your pre-pregnancy milk needs or supplements to help meet your nutritional needs and also improve your fertility.

Avoid beauty products that are harmful to pregnant women, for example those containing retinoids. Avoid cigarette smoke, limit caffeine consumption, do not consume alcohol or drugs other than doctor's recommendations. Also avoid consuming raw or undercooked food, make sure all food is clean and well prepared.

If in one year you have sex regularly without contraception and no pregnancy occurs, check with your obstetrician to find out if there are abnormalities in you or your husband that can prevent pregnancy. The doctor will do the treatment in accordance with the results of the examination.

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