What To Do If A 23-Month-Old Child Is Not Fluently Speaking?

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Good afternoon … r nMy 23-year-old son has yet to speak clearly compared to his age friends. The only sentence that comes out is Papa, Mama, tutu (milk), this, that, nana (there), yes … the other sentence and often comes out is (for example) Papa (after we answer Yes, Son) blah blah titututinitu … (very unclear) and has no meaning. And the sentence is spoken very long (as if I want to say something). R n r nFor the response command, it can be run … like using sandals, storing goods, look here and there (according to the direction we pointed). r n r nMy child is a child who moves a lot … jumps, runs and throws. And tend to ignore if we teach to do something (like talking). R n r nI think also my child has no problem for hearing because if he is called he will turn around and if his name is whispered then his response will laugh. And very often I am shocked when I hear a loud voice. R n r nYg I want to ask, is it because there is too much movement that makes it indifferent and lazy to talk or something else that affects it …? R n r nWhat can be done so that my child can speak according to his age … r n r nThank you.

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The development of each child varies from one to another, not all children can be equated, but in general there is an average age range in the development of children's abilities ranging from speech development as well as motor and movement development that can be observed or considered further. Allegations that children experience delays in speaking certainly cause anxiety for parents and that is a natural thing. The following stages of speech development in children may need to be known:

3 months old, have started to make noises without meaning
age 6 months, has begun to make sounds in the form of syllables such as tu-tu, ba-ba, etc.
9 months old, have started to say basic words like yes, no
12 months old, can say mama or daddy
18 months of age, can already repeat the words spoken to him
24 months of age, can combine two words like want mom, want milk, etc.
age 3-5 years language development and speech skills of children usually develop faster and more rapidly, can say longer sentences, and have begun to be able to talk with others

Delay in speaking can be caused by several possible causes including:

lack of stimulation
hearing disorders
impaired concentration of the child
hyperactive child
use of bilingual languages ​​in the surrounding environment

Some things you can do:

often invite children to talk or chat or tell stories
stimulates the child's speech with movements or more expressive
teach talking or vocabulary using pictures or games
further check, the earlier checked to find out the better the child's condition
consult a pediatrician

the following article that you can read the development of speech, delay in speaking

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