What To Do If A Yeast Infection Spreads To Your Thighs?

Illustration of What To Do If A Yeast Infection Spreads To Your Thighs?
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Night. I have experienced itching in the groin for 3 months. I have already used an antifungal saleb, but it doesn’t work. I also used dettol soap, and I used it with some kind of itchy oil. But still there is no change even more widespread and more itchy. If I can’t itch it again, usually I scratch until I bleed. Then if I’ve scratched, I use herocyn powder. My itching is characteristic, red patches, scaly, flaky skin, and blackened skin on the area affected by this fungus. I am confused about how to treat it again so that the itching disappears and the fungus goes away, this is very tormenting me … Especially not usually able to menstruate because of this fungus that grows in my body. Ask for advice except check the doctor because I don’t have money for the doctor … thank you

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Hello Reyy, thank you for asking HealthReplies.com.

Let me introduce myself to Dr. Rio will try to answer your question.

Complaints of itchy skin, with complaints of red spots, scaly, and more active edges do lead to skin infections caused by fungi. Fungal skin infections can be various kinds and can also be the body in various places. Favorite place for the growth of fungus is in moist areas such as the groin, armpits, anus, etc. But do not rule out it is not a fungal infection. There are several other diseases that resemble complaints like the above, or even there is more than one infection in your skin.

In the treatment of mushrooms, it is not as easy as imagined. Not only using anti-fungal drugs, and fungi will disappear, but the body's hygiene factors greatly influence this healing process. Mushroom therapy can be of two kinds with topical / external medicine and oral medication.

Right now what you can do is:

 Avoid excessive scratching because it will facilitate the fungus to widen, and cause other infections due to injury. Besides the skin will be blackened due to the hyperpigmentation process. Immediately visit the nearest doctor, considering that other types of skin infections can occur. Don't wear pants that are too tight. Always dry the crease area when in water, so it is not damp. Do not use any medication without a doctor's recommendation, as this can worsen the infection. So the answers from me, hopefully answering your question.

Thank you very much, and always healthy :)

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